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Advanced Disaster Medical Response (ADMR)

To train multidisciplinary medical personnel in the basics of disaster medical response and the management of specific disaster scenarios.

Essential Trauma Course (ETC)

The objective of this course is to deliver a reasonable systematic approach to the management of patients who sustained traumatic injuries in areas where resources are limited.

Burn Management

Guidelines for burn management according to local facilities.

Transthoracic Echocardiography Course (ECHO)

To teach the technique of echocardiogram for the evaluation of the fluid status, and cardiac function of critically ill patients.

Surgical Skills

Discuss and practice the diverse surgical techniques in trauma through lectures guided by experts and surgical interventions on live animal models.

Trauma Nursing

Train nurses in knowledge required for classification, monitoring, caring and supervision of the management of a patient with injuries admitted to the hospital.

Trauma Quality Improvement (QI)

This course seeks to promote better understanding of the field of QI; to provide training on straightforward and practical techniques, such as preventable death reviews; and to discuss with participants ideas on future development of trauma QI and related training.

Ultrasound in Emergency & Trauma (USET) — Basic

Training on management of emergency ultrasound to staff facing day to day management of patients suffering from traumatic events and medical emergencies at the hospital.

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