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This page provides information for invited speakers including their date, time, location, and participation during the PTS annual meeting.


List of speakers and roles for CASE SESSIONS

In this section you will be able to locate the case sessions in which you will be participating.

List of speakers and roles for CONSENSUS SESSIONS
In this document you will be able to locate the consensus sessions in which you will be participating along your colleagues.

List of Speakers in Alphabetical Order & Participation
Please use this link to find your name and all activities in which you are participating

Dear Speaker,

We are very glad that you have promptly accepted the invitation to speak at the 2018 Panamerican Congress in Cartagena.

The congress this year is very different, and its success will depend on your involvement starting today—you have 158 days until the congress. The scientific program will focus on clinical topics while continuing to be founded on evidence and innovative science. Being a speaker at this congress will require preparation and some time. I hope that after reading this e-mail, you will feel even more motivated to take on the task ahead.

The goal of the congress is for both invited speakers and public (all participants) alike; to actively contribute to all sessions. We want to hear different points of view and provide a forum for valid contradictions. Everything in Cartagena scientific program aims to be relevant to all PTS members and colleagues regardless of where they live in South, Central or North America.

The following are the key information and expectations for your participation in the scientific program.

Case Discussion Sessions

1 Speaker + 4 discussants + 1 reviewer = 25 - 30 minutes

  1. Each session has a theme and 2-3 key topics that are expected to be discussed 
  2. Speaker will chair the session:
    • Total time for session = 25 to 30 minutes – speaker must enforce adherence to time (no delays allowed). Consider time to introduce discussants, present the case, make questions, allow discussants to respond and comment and for the Reviewer to summarize the most relevant points at the end.
    • Speaker must prepare the clinical case with questions and answers (multiple choice) and send them no more than 30 days after receiving this invitation, so we can assess the case and upload the case using the official App of the congress. (i) Summarize clinical presentation chronologically with relevant lab/image as needed
    • Speaker must prepare 3 questions to be made to the public in chronological order. The answer to the 1st question will be displayed only after the panelists’ discussion. After the discussion, the result of the public vote will be shown. This way, the answers won’t influence the public vote or the argumentation of the panelists. The same will be done for the 2nd and 3rd questions
  3. Reviewer will summarize the key comments during the last 3 minutes of the session

Consensus Sessions

1 leader + 3 to 4 discussants = 50 minutes

  1. Each session has a theme and the highest expectation is that your session will be written as guidelines, clinical pathways or opinions in the future and submitted to the Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery (PAJTCCES) 

  2. All participants are expected to review the literature on the topic, the existing guidelines and come prepared to have an in-depth discussion in front of a live (and participating) audience 

  3. The leader will introduce the discussants, the theme, present existing guidelines/clinical pathways/opinions and may proposed new ones, chair the meeting, allow for the public to give input (participate) and enforce adherence to the time (no delays allowed)

  4. The leader is expected to contact the discussants ahead of the congress to plan the session. The leader should keep the planning committee informed of the progress of the group, and the participation of each member. The leader should send brief reports every 2 months: the first April-May, and the second June-July

  5. The leader, in conjunction with the discussants, may consider writing the results of the session into a manuscript and submit it to the PAJTCCES, within 2 months after the congress.

This is a key moment for the Panamerican Trauma Society, and the congress in Cartagena is very important for the consolidation of the changes that are happening in the PTS. I want to thank you for your readiness to participate in this effort. We recognize that we are asking more than ever before, from each of you, and hope your efforts will be rewarded.

Please read additional instructions from the Program Committee regarding the consensus sessions here


Please click here  to see the team of judges you will be working with. Below are the lists of abstracts selected for oral and mini-oral presentations that will be evaluated during the research competition on August 15, 2018, at Hrs. 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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