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International Fellow Travel
Scholarship for Surgeons in Training

From the US to Latin America

Sponsor by the PTS Education Committee


We are enthusiastic to announce the winner of the Panamerican Trauma Society International Fellowship Scholarship:

Connie Michell DeLa'O, MD
Acute Care Surgery Fellow
East Carolina University

This month, Dr. DeLa'O will be traveling to Panama and performing surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Martha Quiodettis

Congratulations Dr. DeLa'O !

Previous winners:

Elaine Chan, MD, Trauma Fellow, University of Miami;
Gregory Peck, MD, Surgical Critical Care, Fellow, Emory University;
Mariuxi Cherrie Manukyan, MD, PGY4, Indiana University



In the early to mid-19th century, it was common practice for young physicians of the day to travel abroad to continue their studies in the wards and operative theaters of foreign countries. These scholars were exposed to advanced medical concepts and philosophies of medical training that were not readily available to them in their native land. Famous surgeons such as William Halsted and Harvey traveled abroad to study under the tutelage of several prominent surgeons and scientists.


The concept of such collaborations has been in place for many years. Renowned surgeons such as David Feliciano and Aurelio Rodriguez have brought back surgical knowledge from South America to the United States. Recognizing the need to maintain that collaboration the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) proudly announces the travel fellowship for surgeons in training from the USA to Latin America.


The opportunity to travel abroad to gain more surgical exposure to Trauma and Acute Care surgery is open to ALL! . (see International Fellowship page for more information).

A travel scholarship is available for surgeons IN TRAINING ONLY
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  • Enhance the understanding of trauma care as a global disease, 
  • Increase the sense of responsibility to improve patient care in underserved areas by advancing international research, training, and education,
  • Enhance operative experience of the traveling fellow.



  • US Surgeons in training enrolled in an educational program either In a fellowship or surgical residency PGY3 and above.
  • Surgeons in training interested in benefiting from mentored experience in South America from the high volumes of trauma and acute care surgery.
  • Surgeons who have previous clinical experience and a firm commitment to trauma and international medicine
  • The opportunity to travel abroad to gain more surgical exposure to Trauma and Acute Care surgery is open to ALL!  (see eligibility criteria and application proves below) However,  if you are a surgeon in-training you might be eligible for an scholarship



  • Proof of enrollment in  a residency or fellowship
  • Letter from the candidate’s program director and department chair  approving time away
  • Personal statement of interest in  trauma as a global disease
  • Current CV
  • International Travel Health Insurance
  • Application form
  • Spanish fluency preferred
  • Valid passport ( and visa ) if applicable
  • Applicants are required to present log of core cases performed during (or after) their fellowship overseas.



·       Eligible Applicants must submit the documents described above.

   All documents must be sent to PTS HQ by email to

   Gladys Soruco Shanklin, Scholarship Coordinator, at

·       Once the application is approved, the applicant must sign an MOU before traveling overseas.




The travel scholarship is for the purpose of travel to a Latin American country where the awardee engages in a mentored clinical experience in an academic institution with high trauma volume.


  • The scholarship is for a maximum amount of $ 1,000 towards travel and accommodation for ONE eligible applicant from the US or Canada to Latino America.
  • The awardee of the travel scholarship is required to submit a scientific manuscript to the PAJTCCES about their work experience.
  • The selected winner of this award will be notified by email after an evaluation of his/her application.



  • The PTS is committed to find a mentor that would nurture and guide the awarded during the established period of training.
  • The PTS is committed to find a hosting institution for an established training period of time.





For additional Information please contact  Gladys Soruco Shanklin, Scholarship Coordinator, at or Dr. Paula Ferrada, Scholarship Sponsor,at



The PTS is not responsible for the local and political conditions of the hosting country to which the awardees will travel nor for the health and safety  of the awardees.


The PTS is not responsible to arrange or subsidized lodging, food, international or in-country transportation, or any other expenses related to his/her travel and training.





experience, &



Dr. Paula Ferrada

The Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) has encouraged international collaboration for 25 years. As part of the mission the PTS has created an international fellowship arranging for a host institution to receive a US surgeon. For surgeons in–training we have also a travel scholarship.

The winner of our first international scholarship, a trauma surgeon in the Fellowship program at Emory University.

This pilot experience resulted in 172 cases in 20 operative days. Since then we have sent an applicant from Indiana and a fellow from Miami. 

We are working in expanding the scholarship to other host countries. 

Interested in being a PTS training center? Contact us Today!!!

Paula Ferrada, MD

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