At what time does the call for abstract close?

The call for abstracts closes at midnight (EST) on the due date.

Can I make changes to a submitted abstract?

Our office can NOT make any changes to a submitted abstract.  If you want to make changes to your paper, you must request cancellation of your abstract, and then re-submit your paper with the changes by the due date. Please contact Julio Eliasib at  to request cancellation of registration of your paper.  If you do not cancel the first paper, the system will NOT allow you to resubmit.  Please provide your registration code to speed up the cancellation process.

Can I change the corresponding and/or presenting author of my abstract?

You cannot change the corresponding or presenting author of a submitted abstract. See Submission Requirements: Point 10 for details. To make changes to your abstract please follow instruction of the previous question.

I am co-author of an abstract. Would I get emails about my paper?

All relevant information about an abstract will be sent by email to the corresponding author ONLY. He/she will be responsible for communicating with co-authors.

I plan to send my abstract in one language and I would like to present in another language if my paper is selected for oral presentation. Is this possible?

NO.  Abstracts submitted in a particular language must be presented in that language if that abstract is selected for oral podium or poster presentation. Breach of this requirement will result in the elimination of that abstract from the presentations session.

When will I know if my work was accepted for oral podium or poster presentation?

After the call for abstracts closes, the abstracts will be evaluated by an evaluation committee. The evaluation process takes approximately eight weeks. At the end of this stage, the corresponding authors of selected abstracts for oral presentations will be notified via email. A list of selected abstracts will be displayed on the PTS website at in the "Annual Meeting" page.

What is the maximum number of authors that can be included on an abstract?

Ten (10)

What are the abstract topics?

The PTS will welcome abstracts from a variety of trauma disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to conference within any of these broad thematic areas:

  • Abdominal Trauma
  • Acute Care Surgery
  • Burns
  • Critical care (Including infection & Sepsis)
  • Extremity Trauma
  • Genitourinary Trauma
  • Outcomes/Guidelines
  • Neurological Trauma
  • Pediatric Trauma
  • Shock/Transfusions
  • Socioeconomic, Ethics
  • Soft Tissue, Head & Neck
  • Thoracic Trauma
  • Trauma Education
  • Trauma Prevention and Epidemiology
  • Trauma Systems
  • Vascular Trauma

What are the rules and guidelines for submitting abstracts?

See Abstract Requirements: Section I for details.

What is the maximum length of an abstract?

You are allotted 300 words for the body text of your abstract. See Abstract Requirements: Section I for details.

How will I know my abstract has been submitted successfully?

Upon successful submission, the corresponding author will receive an immediate confirmation email including a registration code. Please keep the registration code on your records and use that code to refer to your paper. If the corresponding author does not receive a confirmation of receipt email,  your abstract was not submitted successfully and you must try again. If you have technical problems submitting your abstract please contact Julio Eliasib at

How will my abstract be reviewed and programmed?

See  Abstract Requirements: Section I.C. for details.

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