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Become a part of the ITSDP/PTS TRAUMA REGISTRY

Requirements to request use of the Trauma Registry (TR)

   Please follow these key steps to request access to the Trauma Registry:  

After contacting us, an Implementation Plan for the Trauma Registry will be emailed. The Plan includes guidelines for an initial self-assessment of the hospital's resources and infrastructure, training needs, inclusion criteria, type of data users, data collection target, data extraction and collection procedures, and data analysis and reporting. 

Once you have read the Implementation Plan and the institution's leadership team  have decided to go ahead with the Trauma Registry, the following documents must be completed and submitted:

  1. Official letter requesting access to the Trauma Registry (See sample letter). The letter must be addressed to the Trauma Registry Director (Dr. Edgar Rodas). It must be written on institutional letterhead and signed by an official authority of the organization requesting registry.
  2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An MOU is required between parties to establish an official partnership and convey commitment. It will be emailed in a private email. The MOU must be submitted with completely filled Annex 1. Summary of the Implementation Plan.

Send required documents to:

Nancy Valencia, MSc.
Phone: (804)828.8576 | FAX: (804) 628-4861
Division of Acute Care Surgical Services
Department of Surgery
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Box 980454
Richmond, VA 23298-0454

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